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A haunting blue-black abyss kissed with a spark of fiery crimson and wild bloodiness.  From the gorgeous 2018 vintage, no shocker that the debut vintage of THE GREAT PLACES Ruben Solorzano Syrah is more hedonistic than any of the 10 previous Ruben’s Block wines.  Despite the plush, full-body of the wine is, it is also polished into a harmonious package.  Smooth and giving upon the release, it will expand for even heightened pleasure with age, although anything more luxurious than the current profile is difficult to imagine!

Grape Whisperer Ruben Solorzano planted the first test vineyard that would pave the way for the other GREAT PLACES vineyards, back in 2007.  Syrah that make the cut into our highest tier “The Great Places” label come from just 8 acres of our steepest hillsides where we have taken an approach unprecedented in the New World.

Stolpman The Great Places Syrah

$104.95 Regular Price
$94.46Sale Price
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